Heroes on the Harbor a Highlight


Hey everyone out there in Shindy Land,

U.S.S. Midway

U.S.S. Midway

This past Saturday Shindy.TV had the honor (and great fun) of covering Heroes on the Harbor, a benefit to help our injured U.S. soldiers. It was held atop the magnificent U.S.S. Midway aircraft carrier. A semi-formal affair, it featured a catered sit-down dinner under the stars, a bar, tables upon tables of free wine tastings, great entertainment, including a rock n’ roll cover band and the performance artistry of painter Michael Israel. In the space of about 30 minutes, he turned out six incredible paintings, including likenesses of John Lennon, Ray Charles and

Michael's Paintings

Michael's Paintings

Muhammad Ali. Sometimes he was painting upside down, only to rotate the convas to reveal the true likeness, much to the audience’s surprise and loud delight. The paintings were then auctioned to support the troops; John Lennon fetched $10,500. You’ll be able to see our interview with Michael, as well as the John Lennon painting winner, soon.

At about 10 pm, the fireworks started. Brad Hurvitz, our intrepid cameraman, risked life and limb to get close and personal with the launchers at the bow of the flight deck, while the crowd stood a safe distance away behind a red rope. (Actually, Brad took all necessary precautions and was blessed by our wonderful resident fire marshall). I don’t think any of us have ever stood that close to fireworks going off. The show was spectacular. The show was put on by



Fireworks America, the same people who do the shows at Sea World, The Summer Pops, and many other events. We got some great interviews with their crew too.

It was a night of caring and sharing, of poignant stories, of people coming together to support those who are risking their lives daily in the name of the U.S.A. and freedom. It was a spectacular summer evening port-side, under clear skies, the lights of Downtown and a moon nearly full.

Artist and Winner

Artist and Winner

Just the sort of thing Shindy.TV loves to cover. Stay tuned in the next few weeks for the episode online.

Thanks for watching, and see you in the scene,

Producer Ron

Presenting Colors

Presenting Colors


What a weekend!

Well, the Athenaeum did NOT disappoint! Their annual gala was a hoot! The place was decked out as a Caribbean hangout, and everyone was dressed to the nines — there were lots of people in island wear, a few pirates, and even a couple of scuba divers.  The calypso band was really tight. Great percussion! We shot an awesome episode…stay tuned!

Sunday, camera man Brad and I covered the Jazz 88 Ocean Beach Jazz Festival, the fourth annual. With such acts as the Jazz 88 All Stars, The Bad Plus, Brasilia, Kevin Mahogany and the Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra (17 pieces, including San Diego’s own Gilbert Castellanos), it was an incredible day of great music, sun, waves, food and jazz lovers. We were honored to be able to interview the band leaders too. This work will not make it on Shindy.TV however; this was donated to help promote the Jazz Festival and KSDS Jazz 88.3 FM, a non profit, member supported broadcast service of San Diego City College, and one of the ways Shindy.TV supports the community. Don’t worry though; we’ll feature a link to the finished episode, which will be on KSDS’ site.

Next up: fireworks launched from the S.S. Midway next Saturday night. Woo hoo!

See you in the scene,

Ron “Hollywood” Marcus

The La Jolla Athenaeum goes Calypso Friday, September 5, 2008

Ron Marcus, Producer, Shindy.TV

Ron Marcus, Producer, Shindy.TV

Tomorrow we shoot at the Athenaeum’s annual Gala. I am especially excited about this shoot. The Shindy.TV crew was there last year (though, that footage was not edited; this year’s footage will be!).

This is an amazing event. What is normally a mild-mannered library housed in a quaint, unassuming little building in the village of La Jolla becomes a lavish Hollywood-caliber set, festooned with decor so full and authentic that you are transported completely to another place and time.

Last year’s theme was Bollywood. And was it ever. Walking into the transformed Athenaeum was like walking straight into a Bollywood movie. And, the patrons responded in kind, getting fully decked out in sari, turbans and more.

After a catered dinner and some more traditional music, the place was turned into a modern Indian dance hall, with a couple of Indian hip hop DJs spinning their iPods and CDs to produce some really funky grooves. We were surprised to learn that there is a whole young Indian hip hop subculture here in the states, with a very large contingent in Los Angeles. The music was crazy and so was the dancing. We were definitely in the scene.

What’s in store for this year?

The theme is “Gone Bananas: Caribbean Calypso.” I’m thinking limbo, rum, maybe mojitos, lots and lots of color, and steel drums of course! If the event is anything like last year’s, this little corner of La Jolla will become an island paradise for a few hours. We’ll see revelers of literally all ages getting their groove on. In fact, last year, one of the ladies out on the dance floor was 103 years old! She still had it. Which is proof positive that you’re never too old to have a good time, and never too old to be in the scene.

If you can’t make this one-of-a-kind event, don’t worry. We’ll bring it to you, almost live, but just like being there — only on Shindy.TV.

See you in the scene,

San Diego’s Modern Lifestyle Web TV

Happy Labor Day!

Ron, Shindy.TV Producer

Ron Marcus, Shindy.TV Producer

It sounds almost oxymoronic, “Happy Labor Day!” Yet, we should celebrate not only a day off from our labors, but that we can labor at all, and that we have labors of love.

My labor of love is Shindy.TV.

Things are going well here in Shindy Land.

  • We have nearly 400 friends on our e-mail list to receive notifications of new episodes and prize drawings.
  • We’re introducing a new episode about once a week now. The latest was Heaven Sent Desserts. We had a really good time shooting there. The staff is very nice, the desserts delicious, and the story behind the place is heart-warming. (Get the story: http://www.shindy.tv)
  • September is a packed shooting month! Athenaeum annual gala, fireworks on the Midway, SD Music Awards, SD Film Festival and SD Fashion Week — all on Shindy.TV!

This Labor Day, I’m celebrating the opportunity to work on Shindy.TV. I’m celebrating rest, exercise, friendship, and being alive. I celebrating ann attitude of gratitude. I’m celebrating you.

I’d love to hear what you think about the show and the site. How can we make it better? What would you like to see?

Drop me a line: ron@shindy.tv.

Take time to celebrate yourself this weekend!

See you in the scene,

Producer Ron

Welcome to my Producer’s Blog

Ron \"Hollywood\" Marcus of Shindy.TV
Ron “Hollywood”

Hello visitor!

Ron Marcus here, a.k.a. “Hollywood.”

This is my new blog. Here’s where I’ll be sharing the daily goings-on of my new venture, Shindy.TV (http://www.shindy.tv), San Diego’s Lifestyle Web TV. In this blog you’ll get my take on the show from a producer/director’s perspective.

Shindy.TV is for YOU. So, I’d love to get your honest feedback whenever you’d like to share.

So, today is Saturday, July 5th. Yesterday was Independence Day. I’m celebrating my independence from the mundane and the routine today. Let’s shake it up! So, I’m working on Shindy.TV today, and our sister company, Epiphany Marketing, the lifestyle branding company.

I’m sitting in Birdrock Coffee Roasters. I love this place. Great coffee. Free internet. A real live newstand. LOTS of people in here. This neighborhood seems full of young families; there are young parents and little kids creating quite a ruckus, or, “shindy” here (Webster defines “shindy” as a synonym of “shindig” : “a social gathering with dancing b: a usually large or lavish party”  (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/shindig). This is a very cool shop and probably a future venue to be covered by Shindy.TV. Stay tuned!

What’s coming next for Shindy.TV?

In July, we’re covering the Gay Pride parade (July 19th), and Comic Con (July 23 -27). We’re also going to be hard at work on our upcoming new website, and getting the buzz out on the Internet.

In August, we’ll be ramping up the shooting schedule, and also taking part in a couple of downtown parties. Stay tuned for that too.

If you have venues you think we should be covering, by all means, let me know! You can reach me directly at scene@shindy.tv.

Thanks for coming by!

See you in the scene,